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Success Stories: Inspiring Testimonials from Our Mentors and Students

Satish Balakrishnan IFS

2018 ( AIR 125 )

In both 2016 and 2017, I had a decent run at the GS papers and inteview and for that i am indeed thankful to ma'am and sir. I still remember the GS tests I took under their guidance and more importantly the discussions, often over a cup of coffee. It was quite the same with the interview too, always very precuise with no ambigious questions or suggestions. Personally for me, ma'am and sir have been wonderful mentors as well as close friends. And I think that they would always be a good source of support for every serious candidate.

Jeeva Maria Joy IFS

2016 ( AIR 147 )

It was during my 3rd attempt (when I succeeded in clearing the exam) after writing my mains exam, I joined for interview coaching under guidance of Arun Sir & Remya Mam. At that time, I was low on confidence & was not even.
expecting an interview call. Once joined the program my entire perspective.
changed & after a long time felt rejuvenated & regained my confidence. The best thing about Arun Sir & Remya Mam is that they identity & help you.
understand your strengths & weaknesses. Those Interview classes were some of

the best learning experiences of my life & I relish those moments even to this
day. Their coaching classes go much beyond routine dishing out of study
material. As they say, good teachers teach & great teachers inapire & these two
people really do inspire. I wish all the students who might get a chance to
interact & learn with Arun Sir & Remya Mam all the best.

Ponniyin Selvan IIS

CSE 2012

I studied under guidance of Arun Sir and Remya mam, 10 years before. What I feel now is that they provided an environment & exposure for those who are studying to express themselves in the best possible way. I feel that it's important to express oneself fully so that you prepare better for the competitive exams. Another thing worth mentioning is they provided and environment, a kind of a training which you normally receive after qualifying Civil Services. I feel that getting trained under Sir and Mam is like a pure preliminary for entering into Civil Services.

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